Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tampa Bay Rays, my adopted team

Did I say the trip to Seahorse Key was the highlight of my trip? Well, I'd be hard pressed to make a choice of seeing the Tampa Bay Rays playing some good baseball as we headed towards home. This game was great! It was their 7th win in their streak.

I had to adopt this team. Harold had them on while they were playing the Chicago Cubs and I was shocked to see that the Cubs fans in the Rays home field were much louder. How horrible! That was that. I always want to take in the under dog. But I was surprised when I got to the game. Yes, there were new fans there, and why wouldn't there be? They're #1 in the nation! But a lot of old fans came out of the woodwork also. How did I know? Lots of new Rays shirts were being worn, but lots of old shirts were there also. COOL!!!

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