Friday, October 31, 2008

An Obama Supporter's 'modest' Expectations

Ha ha ha ... bless your soul! Nobama did not pay for his uncle's mortgage when he was evicted, nor did he help his beloved Aunt out of a Boston slum. And did you know his half brother, who lives in Kenya and makes a $1/day and lives in a hut could probably use a bit of help too. But go ahead and believe in the change.

Yeah, I guess I'll just chip in and help her pay for that mortgage and fill her gas tank -- mandatory by 'change' via payroll deduction if NObama gets elected!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And the winner is ...

Moi!!! At Tammy's baby shower I had snapped a picture of the two of us together and thought to myself, self, she's as big as you! So when the game started, and we all know the game I'm talking about. You know, where you guess how big the baby's momma is by cutting off a piece of string and wrapping it around the momma's belly. The one that's closest to the correct size wins the prize?!!? Well, when it came time for me guessing the size I just stood my big butt up, wrapped the string around my belly, and VOILA!!! I was off by about 2 inches. And I was the winner of the prize!
And by the look on Tammy's face she thought, self, am I really as big as she is? Ha ha ha ...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In Colombia at the Lucky Stone

The lucky stone is in El Pinon (a squiggly is over the n). You climb it and you have good luck. There are almost 700 steps to get to the top. I chose to languish at the bottom. Teehee. With a snake.

Oh, and there is a restaurant at the bottom of the stone where I had the best fish I've ever had in my life. Ever. Anywhere. It was cooked to perfection.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama -- birth certificate fraud

Obama is such a smooth talker that his following doesn't care about his history. The multiple incidents in his past that he continues to hide. If you're for Barack Obama, please watch this video and know this is just one of his many secrets.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Condom Stretching

We all need a bit of humor now and then. Sarah Palin is going to be on SNL tomorrow night and I thought I'd join her in the humor. I cannot tell you how many times I've laughed at this one.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Glenn Beck speaks with the Maverick

October 14, 2008 - 13:08 ET

Senator John McCain

GLENN: We have Senator John McCain on with us now. Welcome, Senator, welcome to the program. How are you, sir?

SENATOR McCAIN: I'm just fine, Glenn. How are you?

GLENN: I'm very good. I noticed today, breaking news, that in Florida ACORN has registered Mickey Mouse. I'm wondering if you are going to go for the mouse vote.

SENATOR McCAIN: Well, frankly some people, having worked in congress for some period of time, I prefer Goofy. But the fact is this ACORN thing is something that's been done before in the 2004 elections and 2006 elections and other elections, and it needs a full and complete investigation, and Senator Obama's ties to ACORN need to be known to everybody as well.

GLENN: In the House and the Senate, the President signed it, a bill over the summer actually gives now 4% of our mortgages. If you sign a new mortgage, 4% goes to fund ACORN. How did this happen?

SENATOR McCAIN: The way these things happen, I don't know if you recall but when this first rescue plan or bailout bill, whichever one you call it, was first developed before I came back from Washington, ACORN was going to get something like 20% of the additional funds that would eventually be raised thanks to Chris Dodd and the Democrats who had protected Fannie and Freddie and have been advocates of this forcing banks to extend home loan mortgage money to people that couldn't afford to pay it back. That's one of the major, the major factors in this housing crisis which then, of course, led to this meltdown. People, the pressures, enormous pressure from congress, the Community Reinvestment Act which basically set corridors for lending money to people that couldn't afford to pay it back and mortgages which were sooner or later going to go under. Meanwhile their executives, as you know, took 10, 20, 30, $50 million in compensation. It's one of the great scandals in American history.

GLENN: I will tell you, Senator, I thank you for being on the right side of this issue in the past with Community Reinvestment Act. You have been fighting against Freddie and Fannie. You did have it right, and I look at some of the stuff that has gone on. It's absolutely criminal some of the stuff that has happened. You know, I look at Barney Frank. How is it that the people that were responsible for this are now leading the charge along with Barack Obama to say we're going to reshape America and we're going to provide the oversight for it?

SENATOR McCAIN: You know, I don't know how it happens. I don't know why because as you go back -- and actually the Wall Street Journal and a couple of others have carried their quotes about when there was a movement to try to rein in and reform Fannie and Freddie. "You can't do that, this is scandalous to try to..." amazing greed, political contributions. It's amazing. And some of us did stand up and propose legislation to fix this problem and it's a fact two years ago Senator Obama didn't lift a finger and he got the second most amount of money from Fannie and Freddie in campaign contributions than any senator in history outside of Senator Dodd who, as you know also had a very interesting mortgage. So the point is that Americans are angry, have every right to be angry, they are not able to stay in their homes and it's -- and meanwhile they believe that all we're doing is bailing out the institutions that were co-conspirators in this and that's why I've focused so hard and so much effort to try to get people to be allowed to renegotiate their mortgage so that they can stay in their homes because it was a housing crisis that started this issue as you know, Glenn, and it's going to be fixing the housing by finding a floor on the declining home prices and have them start up again is when our economy's going to start up again.

GLENN: But how is it -- you know, I saw a guy who I thought was right on the money on a lot, the way a lot of people feel that was at your rally, stood up and said, "I want you guys to stop the socialist."


GLENN: Our country has been hijacked by socialists. So how are we ever going to find the floor on housing prices if the government, as you suggested, bail out the mortgages and buy up all of the bad mortgages? How do you find a floor when the floor's been artificially created by the government?

SENATOR McCAIN: Well, Glenn, the same way that they did in the Depression. There was a thing called a Home Ownership Loan Corporation. They went in, they said, okay, what's the value of your home, what's their mortgage payment you can make, people stayed in their homes, started making their mortgage payments and because there was interest rates associated with it, over a long period of time actually the government made a tiny bit of money. But the point is when someone is sure the value of their home, they are sure they can stay in their home, then they are going to start making those payments, et cetera. It's got to go along with economic recovery, creation of jobs and all those things. But if the value of homes keeps plummeting -- and one of the things you are going to bring up very legitimately, suppose the guy next door struggled, made his home mortgage payments at the level they are, paid his or her taxes and sees this good deal for the neighbor next door. Well, what happens to your home if the neighbor, the house next door is empty and vacant and deteriorating? Then the value of your home continues to decline.

Look, I admit this is radical treatment, but it seems to me that's better to go in and try and help the innocent bystander in this crisis than the institutions that caused the problem to start with. We bought up Fannie and Freddie, as you know. We're now going to pump $300 billion into these banks and other people who were co-conspirators in this, either knowingly or unknowingly. See my point? No?

GLENN: No, I see your point, and actually I was for the bailout at the beginning when it was three pages because I think you needed to do something but then I was with -- I was actually with you when you said it would be obscene for anybody to put pork in there and then we had --

SENATOR McCAIN: And they did.

GLENN: -- $150 billion in pork. But why did you sign it? Why didn't you stand up and say, no, it's obscene; the bailout is important but it's obscene?

SENATOR McCAIN: I came back and we got several solutions to put in to protect the taxpayer to give more options including insurance, to rein -- to put some restraints on CEO pay, to make several improvements in the bill. The stock market had just wiped out $1.2 trillion in American savings and pensions, et cetera. Hopefully this volatility will level off, and yesterday's incredible rebound in the market will stabilize the market. But to do nothing at that particular point, everybody I know told me was not the right thing to do, and I agree with them.

GLENN: I agree with you that we're facing something that we've never faced before. Are you concerned at all with the amount of money that's being pumped in? Are you concerned --

SENATOR McCAIN: I'm very concerned. I keep hearing --

GLENN: Are you concerned about a Weimar Republic situation in time if we don't stop this?

SENATOR McCAIN: I know this, that if something doesn't turn around, and again I go back to a whole lot of aspects of our financial system but what was the fact that lit the fire was home values and home loan mortgages and that has in my view. I think it depends on what we do, Glenn. If we do the right things for the American people, we don't continue this spending as Ronald Reagan used to say, like a drunken sailor, although that's an insult to drunken sailors, then remember part of the crisis that we were facing here is the out-of-control spending, the $10 trillion debt we're laying on future generations of Americans, the trillion dollars that we owe China. Look, it wasn't just the housing crisis at fault. It's the spending, out-of-control, unfunded debt that we're laying on future generations of Americans. So if we keep taxes low, we get the economy to grow, we stop the spending spree and not more and more just pouring money into the problem and writing everybody checks, the last package went into people's gas tank, right?

GLENN: Right.

SENATOR McCAIN: So the point is if we get our fiscal house in order, emergency measures but then get back to good government the same way every family and every state government in America is supposed to do and that's live within our means, then I'm confident that the American worker, the American innovative system, Silicon Valleys all over this country, productivity, all of those things can lead us to a bright future. But it depends on what we do and do the right thing.

GLENN: Senator, we haven't spoken since you named Sarah Palin. We were on the Sarah Palin bandwagon, you know, months and months and months ago. I think she's fantastic. But I will tell you that I don't know if you've seen these. There are shirts now being sold that -- and excuse this -- but that say Sarah Palin is a C word, and I saw that. I was so outraged. I see that Larry Flynt is making an X-rated movie with a look-alike. Some of the bumper stickers that are out about her and yet nobody says anything about this, nobody seems to say anything about Florida Representative Hastings that says anybody toting and stripping moose don't care much about what they do with Jews and blacks, and we keep getting hammered, the conservatives keep getting hammered for being racist and sexist and everything else. It is an absolute outrage on what has been happening and how race is being used in this election. How does America survive when you try to have a decent dialogue with somebody and because you question their connections to Marxists, terrorists, or question even their policies, you're called a racist for it and yet they can get away with saying some of the most outrageous things ever?

SENATOR McCAIN: I'll leave that analysis to you but I would like to add one other point that is the most astounding that frankly I've seen in my political life and that was Congressman John Lewis who I admire, who I've written about. Yes.

SENATOR McCAIN: Who is an American hero, said that Sarah Palin and I were connected to segregation, to George Wallace and even mentioned the bombing of a church in Birmingham, you know, of a bombing in Birmingham where children were killed. That's the most outrageous and unacceptable statement I have ever heard in my life. Senator Obama has yet to repudiate that statement.

GLENN: Nor is he going to.

SENATOR McCAIN: John Lewis, I can't imagine why and how outrageous the statement was. But as importantly, every time there's been some comment or statement made by some idiot about Senator Obama questioning his patriotism or those kinds of things, we've directly repudiated it. Senator Obama has not repudiated John Lewis' remarks which are the most outrageous that I have ever seen in politics connecting Sarah Palin and me to the racist and segregationist policies of the 1960s, and I am astonished, I'm astonished that there's not been more of a reaction to it.

GLENN: Will you confront him with this tomorrow in the debate?

SENATOR McCAIN: If the opportunity comes up. But I made it very clear, I expect a repudiation and so do the American people.

GLENN: Okay. Senator, we look forward to your economic policy being released today and thank you very much for being on the program, sir.

SENATOR McCAIN: Thank you, Glenn. I always appreciate your great work. Talk to you soon. Bye.

GLENN: Thank you. Bye-bye.

McCain/Palin Tradition by Hank Williams Jr

Monday, October 13, 2008

Haters -- stay away!

Is this what it has come down to? Unbelieveable, horrific hate towards our female VP candidate? Where is the maturity of NObama's following? If there was this kind of hate towards NObama's minority status the NAACP, Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson, etc., would be screaming bloody murder. But the media has been slow in reporting this. Even Madonna wants to fight her. Huh? I'm saying it again, HUH?

I saw a quote earlier to the Hollywood's with their opinions and I loved it. They are clowns, and the clowns are likened to the court jesters of yesteryear, and are for entertainment purposes only. Ha ha ha ...

Check out this blog and look at the hate that is spewing out there for Sarah Palin. Seems to me when feelings get this stirred up there is jealousy in the works. I feel compelled to write her a letter of apology -- for how obscene people can be. What is the matter with people? Come on women! We've gone through too much to resort to and tolerate such tactics! And men! Do you call your wife or/and mother those kinds of names?

Here comes Communism

Never before an other election have I had such fear of one man becoming president. This man brings it all out. Today it was on the news where he said, we need to share the wealth. The unmotivated get on welfare and disability and those that have motivation bust their butts for everyone. If that isn't socialistic thinking I don't know what is.

Hail Hitler! Hail Obama!

Only God can help us.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Jerry's high school band

Jerry works with me at the hospital and he had the remarkable chance to bring one of the best bands in the area to Sarah Palin's rally. What an opportunity! The band was able to play on a national stage. And boy did they save the day when Sarah was late. They kept the crowd fired up. Good job!

Monday, October 06, 2008

More like minded folks

And this line ...

... was huge. My friend from the hospital, Carol, and I met at the rally at 10am. Sarah Palin wasn't scheduled to arrive until 3pm. The line was nuts. And there were over a 1000 people that couldn't go inside. Germain arena had reached capacity.

But on the other hand, I chatted and met a lot of people while waiting in line. Lots of like minded people, which was a lot of fun.

And Speaking of the Line ...

This was the line I had to stand in just to get my tickets for the Sarah Palin rally today.

Cubanos mujers para Sarah Palin!

I met these women today while in line to get into the Germain Arena to see Sarah Palin, SW Florida. These women are from Cuba, currently living in the Miami area, and told me they knew very well what it was like to have a wolf in sheep's clothing making false promises. The following article explains more, much more.

Oh, and they're quite vocal about it. They have a site at

Propaganda Cuban Style

Celeste Christi
Before Fidel Castro was elected Fulgencio Batista ruled Cuba. Things were bad under Batista and change was needed, but only the right change could produce peace, wealth and prosperity for Cuba.

During the election campaign many tried to warn the Cubans about Castro. Critics cited Castro's past acts and communist associations as evidence that he was a communist wearing "change you need" like a cloak, hiding his true intent.

Castro dismissed such assertions as nonsense. Instead of answering
the questions surrounding his bad associations and past acts, Castro attacked the smears themselves with indignation and misinformation.

Obama's fight the smears campaign employs the same strategy Castro used to convince Cubans to elect him. Cuba has been paying the price of falling for Castro for over four decades. Turned out the "smears" about Castro were true. He is a communist.

Like Castro, Obama is mixing umbrage, half-truths and outright lies
to weave a net of misinformation about his past deeds, projects and associations. He's hoping with the convenience of a web address we'll just "take his word for it" and not vet him.

A Pistol Packing Looby-Loo

I'd love to give credit for this article, but sadly, I have no clue who the writer is. But this story ROCKS!

British View on Sarah Palin

London Daily Mail

A pistol-packin' Looby Loo: the Left's worst nightmare

Frank Sinatra would have got the joke. In the words of the great political philosopher, they all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the world was round.

They're all laughing, too, at John McCain for choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. The usual suspects took one look at this pistol-packin' momma and reacted like John McEnroe to a disputed line call: you cannot be serious!

Certainly, the pick came, as the Americans say, out of left field. But Sarah Palin is centre stage now, and suddenly it's game on.

Stern, God-fearin', gun-totin' Sarah Palin. Will she get the last laugh?

At the very least, McCain has got a wonderful sense of mischief - a quality sadly lacking in most politicians.

The way the L eft, both here and in America , are contorting themselves is a joy to behold. Sarah Palin is every Guardianista's worst nightmare.

It's reminiscent of how they used to patronise Mrs Thatcher 30 years ago. What did this small-town girl know aboutanything?

How could any woman expect to run a country and raise a family? What does she know about foreign affairs?

Of course, they weren't saying that a woman couldn't be Prime Minister, you understand. Just not this woman.

Shirley Williams would have been fine, but this ghastly, lower middle- class Snobby Roberts woman from Grantham, of all places - AAARGH!

It's been hilarious watching the sisterhood tie themselves in knots over Sarah Palin.

They've been in full Glenda Slagg mode - dontcha just hate her, dontcha just love her?
On the one hand she's a feisty, capable woman shaking up the political establishment, while juggling a family and career. I don't know how she does it.

But on the other, she's a Godfearing, gun-totin', good ol' girl. She hunts, she fishes - she's a Republican, for goodness' sake.

Sarah Palin is every red-blooded redneck's fantasy figure, every randy schoolboy's Mrs Robinson. She could have stepped straight out of one of long-lost cousin Michael's Ripping Yarns.

Cheerleader, beauty queen, dominatrix of the Harper Valley PTA, mother of five, mayor, governor and now a heartbeat away from the Vice-Presidency.

You couldn't make her up. Law And Order's Fred Thompson, once a presidential candidate himself, hit the baby seal on the head when he said the Left were in a blind panic over what to do about Palin.


Joke's on you: John McCain, displaying a sense of mischief rare in politics, with his choice of Sarah Palin, surrounded by her family, as his running-mate

What they are doing is what they usually do when confronted with something which offends their world view - character assassination. Every 'liberal' newspaper and TV network has sent hatchet men north to Alaska to dig for the dirt beneath the tundra.

What they discovered is that 80 per cent of Alaskans think she's doing a great job.

A supermarket tabloid is claiming she had an affair, which she denies. Apart from that, the worst the scandal-hounds have come up with is that Palin, as governor, put pressure on a police chief to fire her former brother-in-law.

Gi ven that said brother-in-law had beaten up her sister and threatened to kill her father, I'd say that far from abusing her office, she showed considerable restraint. I'm surprised she didn't put a bullet in his head.

The big talking point is the pregnancy of Palin's 17-year-old daughter, Bristol , who is soon to marry her boyfriend. That's what I call a shotgun wedding!

Still, it kills the wild rumour that Bristol is really the mother of Palin's Down's syndrome baby, Trig.

You've just got to like a woman who calls her son after a character in Only Fools And Horses. Although it's probably fair to assume she doesn't have a working knowledge of Cockney rhyming slang, otherwise her daughter would never have been christened Bristol .

When Palin talks about shattering the glass ceiling, the sisters are supposed to chee r - except most of them suspect her idea of shattering a glass ceiling would be with a both barrels blast from a 12-bore.

She epitomises the 'God and guns' mentality at which Barack Obama and his supporters sneer. They use 'small town' as a pejorative term. That's not how Middle America sees it.

John Mellencamp wrote his hit song Small Town as an ironic take on Hicksville , USA . He even performed it at an Obama rally earlier this year.

Back at you: Democrats say Sarah lacks the experience for the top job - but neither do Obama or Biden

But that hasn't stopped Middle Americans adopting it as an anthem. Mellencamp must be just as horrified as Springsteen was when Ronald Reagan purloined his anti-war Born In The USA as a campaign song.

It's not that the Americans don't do irony, as European 'sophisticates' always maintain.

It's just that sometimes, my dear, they don't give a damn. A good song is a good song - and to hell with the message.

Most Americans were born and raised in a small town. Her values are their values.

The mantra from the Obama camp is that she lacks the experience to be VP. In truth, she has more executive experience than either Obama or his Neil Kinnock-impersonator sidekick mate Joe Biden, neither of whom has ever run anything.

But, wail the sceptics, what about foreign affairs? Admittedly, Palin has never slagged off her country at a mass rally inBerlin. But Alaska 's next door to Russia . She's got more experience of dealing with Russians than anyone outside of corporate hospitality at Stamford Bridge .

Who is Putin more likely to be wary of - Barack 'we must negotiate with dictators' Obama, or Looby Loo packing heat?

To paraphrase the Duke of Wellington, I don't know what she does to the enemy, but she scares the life out of me.

Palin reminds me of the old joke about what's the difference between the IRA and a woman with PMS? You can negotiate with the IRA.

What she does have in spades is experience of the energy industry - the number one concern right now. Palin would drill, drill and drill some more - polar bears or no polar bears. And when the oil companies got greedy, she imposed a windfall tax. Unlike Gordon Brown, who'd keep it, she gave every Alaskan a $1,200 rebate.

With all the hoop-la, it's easy to forget that she's running for Vice-President, not President. Not yet.

Sarah Palin: The next Margaret Thatcher? Time will tell...

That's what really frightens her condescending opponents. Not that we've a leg to stand on in Britain . We've got Harriet Harman a chewed fingernail away from the top job - and she 's never shot a moose in her life.

Remember, they all laughed at Margaret Thatcher.

But ho, ho, ho, who had the last laugh?