Friday, September 22, 2006

And she's off ...

and running!

When she sees this picture on my blog she'll kill me, but what the hay? She wanted to take a picture of herself in the Detroit hat that her new found friend gave her at school. She's very over weight and just runs from cameras. Her mistake is she used my camera and my computer.

But here's the story. Katie turned 18 on August 19th and we haven't gotten along well for quite some time. She likes to blame it on this and I like to blame it on that. So therefore, at the first opportunity she moved out and in with another new found friend.

Yeah. You may all pick your mouths off the ground now.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Favorite 3 little kittens

Aren't they just the finest? And look at that strapping young fellow on the left with the big blue eyes. He's going to knock them dead when he gets older. Meanwhile, he's got his hands full with his two sisters. Clara gives him a run for the money and Cooper will too as soon as she's big enough.

Ugh. That couch -- again. That thing is the worst thing to sleep on. I know because I slept on it for almost two months! And poor Missi had to sleep on it for ??? months while she was pregnant and in heart failure. She dislikes that couch as much as me!

I have to hand it to John though as he offered me the bed and said he'd take the couch. I just couldn't do that to him. He needed his space and what the hell? I didn't have a space there in the first place. Mine was home with my husband and that was 1200 miles away.
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Oh no! Not her too!

First my daughter and now my granddaughter both proudly wearing their little OSU outfits and my daughter talking crap about Michigan. Okay, I'll be honest, she doesn't talk crap, but her husband, John, a HUGE OSU fan, and her mother, me, a HUGE U of M fan, does, and she just won't get in the middle.

Great game last week Michigan! Unbelievable what you did to Notre Dame. GO BLUE!!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Boo to the Cigarette Companies

My daughter is in art school at OSU and has a lot of artsy friends. This is the 2nd piece of art she has been given of herself. This was done last school year. Look at it. The dark, circled eyes and that long cigarette in her hands/mouth. Her friend was very intuitive indeed because at the time we had no clue how bad her heart was.

Thank goodness she has no more desire for cigarettes. She had been trying and trying to quit and it took her near death experience to put them down for good. And that was without help from the cigarette companies who have increased nicotine in cigarettes in the last 6 years another 10%. Booooo to all cigarette companies. What a farce their commercials are about how to educate our children so they don't start smoking. Indeed!