Friday, November 16, 2007

A boy and his dog

I was sent this link via email. How adorable. And what patience this dog has with this young boy. Especially his shoes. Ouch! I remember those shoes when my kids were that age. They HURT!!!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Meet Rookie and Carolyn

I was just cruising the internet, specifically and did a search for dancing dogs. This is what I pulled up. While watching this video you'll be smitten with the dancing couple's relationship. They are an amazing pair.

And then when you watch this video, first off, be prepared, this is a tribute and a real tear jerker. But rest assured Rookie is not passed over. I did a Google search and found that he is 13 1/2 years old and retired.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

And this is the end of the trip to Peru

Thank you for all who have visited. And thank you Mike for all your thoughtful notes through out. I truly believe we did a wonderful job -- all for the glory of God.

I finished this just in time. I've got several interviews lined up, work is going to start, the holidays are right around the corner. All following posts will be work/family/greenery, etc.

Until next years trip,

Love and peace,

The ruined home of Mamacuna

Now this post is a very interesting post related to women. Listen up. Back hundreds of years ago women were worshiped (what happened???) and the elite lived in this home -- of luxury -- comparatively. The neat part of this is that men guarded the house protecting the women from any intruders. Should you dare to try to get in the women's home you, your family, and your neighborhood would be destroyed. And the guards of the home? Their faces were slashed so that you wouldn't want to look at them and they were castrated. Every thought possible was given to protecting these women. And this is what is left, 100's of year later, of the fine home they lived in.

The Pachacamac ruins (Thanks Mike!)

I'm not sure what ruins they are, but I'll find out soon. I have the question out there and am waiting for a response. Pretty awesome. We didn't get to go over them in detail though because we had time constraints on us. We had a plane to catch.

That is Vivian looking over at an alpaca. Nice, soft, fuzzy, and tasty alpaca.

Artifacts from the Mamacuna Ruins

We went to see these ruins on our last day before catching our flight. I'm telling you, we never stopped. We checked out of our hotel and then shopped that last day, visited these ruins, and then caught our flight home and flew all night long. Then, of course, Harold wants to go bowling on that Sunday. So we get through customs, head across alligator alley and arrive in Lehigh about noon. Then we bowled. Then I came home and slept. And slept some more.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fabian -- such a great help!

Thanks for all your help Fabian. Especially at the market the day we were leaving (my guide to a present for my husband, Harold. A nice alpaca tie -- about the color of the shirt Fabian is wearing in the picture. Ha ha ha ...

Friday, November 02, 2007

Meet Jesse and Buster

Here is Jesse, my step-son, with his new best friend, Buster.
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And Dr. Rosa's nurse/companion

As a nurse usually is, she was busy, and doing as much as she could to keep things going as smooth as possible.

Dr Rosa again

And here is Dr. Rosa again

She has dedicated herself to her people in Peru. She works endless hours. I know. I watched her. She is one amazing person.

Much love to her and God bless,

Thursday, November 01, 2007

For Dr. Rosa

I'm going to try and put up all her pictures so she can have them. Dr. Rosa, all you have to do is right click on the pictures you want and then save to your computer.


Terry Fator, the ventriloquist that won America's Got Talent. He is amazing!

Pisco sours and piano players

The pisco sours are just that. Sour. Woo! And if you look closely into it you can see the bitters tossed on top of the egg whites.

And the lady playing the piano was right by our table. She played dutifully along, but when I went and stuck that $10 ( worth about $3 American) into her tip jar she was all smiles. And either way, she played a great piano.

Our last dinner at one of Peru's finest restaurants

I can't even begin to tell you what these foods are. OK. I'll try, but I'm not going to be good at it. Goat, Alpaca, heart, tamales, and much, much more. I went over and tried everything -- one bite at a time. And the last are the desserts. Yummy. The dinner is prepared for four or more people.

One thing about it, there sure was a lot of foods in Peru I'd never thought of, and of course I tried them all. With one exception. The guinea pig. Cuy (pronounced cooey) as they call it in Peru.