Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I must interupt my Peru trip

I found this amazing dance couple on and wanted to share it. They are awesome!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A hodge podge of pictures

In the first picture you'll get an idea of how organization is kept with fifty plus children. And another one of Ann with the baby, And the last two, it was amazing how the older children helped so much with the younger children. It was an amazing place to visit and experience.

And our group was blessed to able leave behind a bounty of medications and supplies. Keep in mind all these children have medical problems. From many different physical deformities to drug resistant TB. Regardless of the problem, Dr. Tony took them in.

Around the house

And it was dinner time

When we arrived. I never did meet the cook. Why, what fun it must be to cook for FIFTY TWO children!!! I can't imagine. And yes, there were fifty two children there when we stopped for our visit.

Everyone interacting with the children

I believe that is Victor that is with Karleen (at the top). He eats just fine with his feet and doesn't believe there's a thing wrong with him. He's mentioned in the article in my last post. Also, look at Todd and Toddy with the baby girl. And Ann with that darling toddler. She freaked out when we went in their room. All of us strangers coming into her comfort zone.

Dr. Tony Lazzara's orphanage

Like I mentioned before, Dr. Tony has done phenomenal work in Peru with the sick children. He's dedicated his life to these children regardless of all the obstacles that he has met. Here is a link of an article telling all about him.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The end results of the market

We handed out 20 bags of food to the poorest of the poor. What a bounty it was for them. Two different kinds of beans, rice, pasta, milk, sugar, oil, and what we take for granted in the states, but is a luxury for the people in Peru, toilet paper.

It was Christmas in October.

A DON'T get caught enscribe graffiti

Right to the left of this wall/sign is the hall for the bathrooms. Even if you don't know Spanish you can/should understand what this sign is saying. Yeah, that's right. You get arrested and go to jail if caught.

After clowning around ...

You'll find the anatomy of a chicken. And it's a real chicken. Who ever knew what the inside looked like???

Yummy market shopping

Don't forget to blow up the last picture so you can see the details. YUMMY FRESH CAUGHT FISH!!!

What a beautiful market!

You never see anything so full of wholesome goodness like this in the states. OK. So I'll change that to, I haven't seen anything like this in the states for ??? Have I ever??? Even the farmers markets don't have things spread out like this.

KFC Peruvian style!

Here you go Matt. I've seen them in Honduras, Peru. They're all over the place.

Two different pictures

Of the same two girls. One off my camera and one of Karleen's. I believe these little cuties caught both our eye.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Look at these lovely Indian women

This is the 2nd clinic and pharmacy was set up differently. They all appeared at this window for their needs. And you can bet they're 20 years younger than they look. I was always in shock when I'd look on the intake sheet and see 45 years old and they looked like they were in their 60's.

Don't you just love the papoose?

And it's these lovely people that knocked me for a loop with my respiratory infection. Of course, I'm 52 and my immune system is declining too.

An exotic dinner

Note my abscence. It was one of my too tired nights. But a large chunk of the gang went out to eat some Cuy, along with Alpaca and goat. Oh yeah, and a couple had fish.

That is Toddy holding, barely, the cuy in his mouth. He didn't look at all like he was excited about eating the cuy. But hey, that's his dad in the background and it looked like what he didn't eat, dad was sure going to. Ha ha ha But look at him. He's barely got a piece in his mouth and he isn't letting it touch his lips. Ha ha ha ... I laughed out loud at this series of pictures.

And the doors closed

We had some fun and games with the children. But then as it was getting closer to time to pack up and leave the people kept coming. Fabian told me some would cry when told we were closed as they'd gotten there as soon as they could. But even closing the doors at 3pm we didn't leave until 6pm and still had a two hour drive to the motel. And then out to eat. Hence, my staying in a couple of times as I was too tired. And hey, it sure wasn't going to kill me either. I ate great while in Peru and came home losing 4 pounds. I like it.

Oh, and an idea for a great sandwich. These are to DIE FOR and the Peruvian church ladies made them for us for lunch. So simple. Sliced avocado, tomato, and hard boiled egg. That's all you need. Delicioso!

Kennedy Park

I was surprised there was a park named after our infamous late president, but I found out it's pretty common as the world loved him and his wife and she'd come to the many different countries and speak flawless Spanish.

Hence Kennedy Park. A safe park. Las policias patrolling constantly and a feeling of being safe. Period. The government wants it that way. A lot a tourists go there along with a lot of lovers on the park benches. Lots of restaurants, shopping. And of course, in the first picture is Mark showing his anticipation of having cuy for a meal. Not me. No way. I'm not a picky eater, but just have a hard time eating something I pet. Translation for cuy to English is guinea pig.