Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And the doors closed

We had some fun and games with the children. But then as it was getting closer to time to pack up and leave the people kept coming. Fabian told me some would cry when told we were closed as they'd gotten there as soon as they could. But even closing the doors at 3pm we didn't leave until 6pm and still had a two hour drive to the motel. And then out to eat. Hence, my staying in a couple of times as I was too tired. And hey, it sure wasn't going to kill me either. I ate great while in Peru and came home losing 4 pounds. I like it.

Oh, and an idea for a great sandwich. These are to DIE FOR and the Peruvian church ladies made them for us for lunch. So simple. Sliced avocado, tomato, and hard boiled egg. That's all you need. Delicioso!

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