Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An exotic dinner

Note my abscence. It was one of my too tired nights. But a large chunk of the gang went out to eat some Cuy, along with Alpaca and goat. Oh yeah, and a couple had fish.

That is Toddy holding, barely, the cuy in his mouth. He didn't look at all like he was excited about eating the cuy. But hey, that's his dad in the background and it looked like what he didn't eat, dad was sure going to. Ha ha ha But look at him. He's barely got a piece in his mouth and he isn't letting it touch his lips. Ha ha ha ... I laughed out loud at this series of pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!! That is the gang trying to taste a little bit of Peru's delicious and culinary plates. Had a great time.
Michael E.