Thursday, April 28, 2005

Meet Tio Jaime (sounds like) Tee-oh High-me
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And we were off ...

We had to get up real early that Saturday. We being Denyse, the P.A., and Ann, another nurse. Between all of us we had a lot of gear. So much in fact that we couldn't go to the airport in one car. So we loaded up my husband's pickup truck with everything. I had been watching the weather report the night before and it was supposed to rain in the early am. Oh boy. Just what we needed. I called Ann in the morning and it was raining like crazy in town. Since I live on the outskirts of town it hadn't started here yet. I said, hurry! Get here quickly! We've got to out run that storm or all our luggage will be soaked! When they got to my house it was starting to sprinkle and we hurriedly loaded the truck and I took off with a quick kiss good-bye to my husband. Soon it all the roads dried up and the storm was behind us. We found Miami airport just fine and dragged and lugged our heavy, cumbersome luggage into the airport. We checked in with Delta and all was fine. So very fine to get rid of all the luggage but our carry-on's, or so we thought. We boarded the plane and just sat out on the runway. Nothing happening. And we sat. Finally the pilot announced that no take offs were allowed at this time. Ha ha ha ... The storm had caught up to us. And we sat. In that hot, stuffy plane. Finally, after what seemed like forever, we took off for Atlanta.

Yes. Atlanta airport. That was where the whole team was meeting up as we were from a variety of places. Michigan, Wisconsin, and a lot of different areas around Florida.

Not long before our plane was to load for Bogota, Colombia we finally found the rest of our team. And our host family was there too. They'd been in the states for a while and we just returning to Colombia on our flight. Jeanette and her son. Her husband, Billy, was already in Colombia getting things ready for our arrival.

The flight to Colombia was uneventful. But once arriving we were in a foreign country with a foreign language and having to go through check points and all. Thank goodness for all our translators!!! And first thing that happened was Uncle Jim, soon to be Tio Jaime, drank water out of the water fountain. That is a BIG no! no!

And then there was the bus. But I'm saving that story for tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

How this missionary trip started

I have always been intrigued about doing a missionary trip, but didn't, and wouldn't, go by myself. One night while working at the hospital, back in 2003, another nurse mentioned that she was going on a missionary trip. I was busy doing my paperwork (I'm a nurse and there's ALWAYS lots of paperwork) and quipped in without hesitation, I'll go with you! Can I?

Well, next thing you know we're discussing where we wanted to go. There are many places in need and many places to go. After debating Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Africa, and others it was decided upon Honduras noted for being the poorest country in the world.

Meanwhile we're trying to raise funds for our trip as they are not cheap. I fell far short and ended up paying for about half of mine, but I digress.

The plan was that we were going to go to Honduras in August of 2004. I live in Florida. Now as most of our nation can recall Florida made national news that summer because of the numerous hurricanes that hit here. And the last one (don't remember the name, perhaps Jean?) is the one that closed the airports the day of the trip and the day after. My friend, Ann, who was going with me couldn't trade time off to make the necessary changes. It would have been difficult for me to do also.

So we cancelled Honduras.

In talking to Renea, our team coordinator, we told her to hang onto the funds as we're going to do another trip. And so she did. Ann and I put our heads together and decided on Colombia. Well, I was pretty much letting her make the decisions, but inside I'm thinking, COLOMBIA??? Is she crazy? That is one insane country. Drug lords, violence, ugh. But like I said, I let Ann decide and I was committed.

And I'm telling you right now. Right up to the day I left I DIDN'T WANT TO GO!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Meet everyone that I worked with in Colombia

I just got back from a medical/dental missionary trip in Colombia. This picture was taken at the end of the trip and includes all the team members including the host missionary family. As the story progresses you'll learn the names of everyone in the picture. I have quite the story to tell. Some of it is hilarious and some of it is sad. And some things are just some things that happened. But all happened because of an almighty God that brought us all together to minister to the people of Colombia and to each other.

I am excited about reliving all of this during my story telling. Get ready. Pictures and all will be capturing your attention for the next few weeks.

PS. Note the scenery in the background. It is unbelievably beautiful in Colombia. We took in that view every time we went outside. Breath taking!