Monday, April 25, 2005

Meet everyone that I worked with in Colombia

I just got back from a medical/dental missionary trip in Colombia. This picture was taken at the end of the trip and includes all the team members including the host missionary family. As the story progresses you'll learn the names of everyone in the picture. I have quite the story to tell. Some of it is hilarious and some of it is sad. And some things are just some things that happened. But all happened because of an almighty God that brought us all together to minister to the people of Colombia and to each other.

I am excited about reliving all of this during my story telling. Get ready. Pictures and all will be capturing your attention for the next few weeks.

PS. Note the scenery in the background. It is unbelievably beautiful in Colombia. We took in that view every time we went outside. Breath taking!

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Ann said...

Alicia, I love it of course..........I finally put all my pictures on discs to send out to all of the people in the picture. Will send you really soon......Lord Bless ANN