Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My dwarf mango, Ice Cream

This mango tree will live happily ever after in a container on my lanai. I transplanted it into a larger container just a couple of weeks ago and cannot believe the new growth on this tree already. This mango tree, named Ice Cream, is 5 years old and I'm hoping to have a few mangos on this tree next year also.

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Doni, my new mango tree

I adore mangos. Absolutely adore them. Therefore, Harold and I went to Englewood, FL and bought two mango trees. This tree is 15 years old and is a Doni. With lots of TLC I'm hoping to have mangos next year.

Oh yeah, there is Nugget nonchalantly walking over to break the Doni in. Yep. Hiking that darned leg of his. I ran to ACE Hardware and bought a border fence to keep that hiked leg away from my new tree!

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Getting into the swing of things

That's what we did. Lila has never painted before and hadn't a clue as to what to buy, how to start, etc. I will say this much though, Lila was a pro by the time the day was over.

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We started at it ...

... and didn't stop, nor slow down, until we were finished with both bedrooms. Thank goodness for today's paints that are a true one-coat paint.

Today's temps were in the mid 90's and there is no electricity or water in the house yet. Made for hot and sweaty work. But it's all good.

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Habitat for Humanity

Meet Lila, standing in the doorway of her soon-to-be Habitat for Humanity home. I met her out there today and we painted her two children's bedrooms. It was the first personalization she'd done to make her house a home. She's taking her children over to the house tomorrow to show them what we'd done today.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Look Closely

You'll see a small pumper truck finally arrive to try and beat the flames away from the house.
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Note, the house one door down has had enough. They're getting out. Leaving.
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Like the devil himself

Having never been this close to such a fire it was erie. Scary. Spooky. It had a mind of it's own and stay out of the way. This is that same house with the pickup in the driveway.
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Fire in Lehigh Acres, Florida!

Something made me decide to go out on Katie's scooter about 8-9 PM. The fire had not only skipped over the canal, but it was coming on this house and there weren't any police or fire department personnel to be seen. Note the pickup in the driveway. I was going to go knock on the door and two guys pulled me back.
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The smoke is thick

And it's getting closer.
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4 Blocks from my house

I'm standing on a knoll across the canal watching this thing as it creeps closer and closer.
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The canal

I thought I was relatively safe because of this canal. Check out the sun and sky!
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