Wednesday, August 29, 2007

He's a bad cat. Got him a cursor!

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting! Uh!

Gimme dat watermelon!

Q's and Clara's new found friends!

Hey Sandy!

I can't believe it. We didn't get one picture of you and I together. Grrrrr!!! Meet Sandy, my longest girlfriend. My goodness, we've been friends since the 7th grade. That makes us friends for ??? over 40 years.

Oh my!

She LOVES her grandpa and grandma!

The three of them just 'chillin'

Here is my daughter and her two older kids. We're at my sister's house in Michigan.

She couldn't believe I would do that to her!

Clara, darling, this is such a cute outfit. Why'd you have to go and hate it like this???

I took FOUR pictures of Clara in this dress

She absolutely hated the scarf part of it. She was soooooo upset with me that I was making her wear it long enough for a picture. A picture???!!! NO!!! She wanted that off her head and off her head NOW!!!

Just the two of us

I miss this baby girl!!! I do. I do. She adored me as I did her.

Hey Cooper! Come see grandma!!!

Our New Addition

Meet Ghost,
as in
Ghost Cat.

He's getting along well with the two HUGE doggies we've got.

Sorry I've been away for so long. So much going on and so little time. And it isn't going to stop either. Sept. 12th I'm leaving for Wisconsin for a long weekend. Then on the 28th I'm leaving for another long weekend in upstate New York for my nephew's wedding. And THEN on October 4th my girlfriend, Karleen, is coming to the house and we're leaving for Peru on the 6th for a week.

To complicate things further windows had to be reloaded and I lost EVERYTHING that was on my hard drive!!! Argh!!!

And since I just got back from Ohio a week or so ago I have some pictures to upload here of the family. Oh, and while there we went to Michigan for a weekend and then I painted my daughter's kitchen, two bedrooms upstairs, and the upstairs hallway. Nice to get home -- and take a break -- for a while.