Friday, June 29, 2007

Real Camera Hams

These two boys were outside the clinic we'd set up in Olanchito.

Hey Linda and Denny

I'm telling you, we were always smiling. Look at these two clowns. Ha ha

Hey Sarah!

This was in that place I was talking about where the guy put glass in and on everything.

He Made Friends

This is one gal that Harold bonded with on the island of Utila. I was soooo busy in the pharmacy, but when I checked on Harold he was always grinning like a Cheshire cat. He was enjoying himself thoroughly.

The Animal Lover

That would be my friend, Karleen. Last year Susan had a parrot. This year she has two parrots and a toucan. Scott, Susan's hubby built a GREAT cage for the birds. It's outside, but yet a wall of it is inside and there is no need for paper to line the bottom. Just use the hose and squirt all the unwanted stuff away. What genius. The whole thing about keeping birds is the mess they make. This is a great situation.
Oh. And the toucan? He is definitely the ruler in that cage. Oh yes he is. I would watch him in the mornings. One morning after just getting fed he went over to the other two parrots bowls and knocked all the food out. Did he know what he was doing? You betcha. He then proceeded to go back to his food bowl and eat properly. Little brat that he is.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yummy Fried Chicken

This was some darned good fried chicken!

Mr. Picky

Do you remember Mikey from the Life cereal commercials? Well, instead of Mikey, his name should have been Harold. Ha ha ha ... By the third day of the trip everyone would look at Harold when his food was brought out to see what he was going to do.

The main food in Honduras is beans and rice. Forget that. Then fish and then chicken with beef being a rare treat. And I've never seen pork or its products there.

We're getting ready to go to clinic and Scott says, dinner is fried chicken, but if you don't want it they can put together a hamburger for you. All that want hamburgers raise your hand. I watched Harold and up went his hand. Well, the hamburger is what you're looking at. And the beef itself, per Harold, was not good at all.

We do remember that one little lady from the 80's don't we? I believe it was for a Wendy's commercial. Where's the beef? Well, it not only was small, but it didn't taste good. Nope, Mikey, Oops! I mean Harold didn't like it.

My Pharmacy Buddy

Meet Vicky, my huge help in pharmacy. And then there's Kerry in the middle who was adding her helping hands wherever needed.

Children Eating ...

the arrozo con leche. They all cleaned their plates.

The stove

Note the wood stoked in the fire while making enough heat to cook those fritas. Boy was it ever hot in there. It was hot anyway, but put one of these in a home and all I have to say is, mucho calor!

Cooking the Fritas

Here is Karleen and the pastor's wife's mother. See the fritas on the stove? There is quite a technique in making those tasty buggers, but Karleen got it down pat (yes, pun intended).

Feeding the People

The pastor's wife had a HUGE pot of arrozo con leche for the children (sweet rice). Then there was beans, rice, and fritas for the adults. Our team fed them. Here is the huge line waiting for the food.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Look at the Colors

I managed to capture it. The color of the water off of Utila. It was an amazing blue. And so crystal clear you could see at least a 100 feet below you while snorkeling. Gorgeous!

Nausea Bags

Yep. That's what this employee on the boat is handing out. Bags to barf in should you get sick. A lot of us didn't feel well going to Utila, but the ride back was better. We didn't get sick then.

Being Transported

This boat ride is not one that is enjoyable. It just barrels you to the Island of Utila and back to the mainland.
Here are Kerry, Lindsay (Boo Cubs!), Alex, and Karleen.

Hank and Barb, more glass

Here they are sitting at the glass guys place. A wonderful couple these two. I enjoyed my time with them so much.

Susan, our Missionary Host, more glass

You're a lovely woman my dear. What a wonderful thing you're doing for your little niche in Honduras. She started cleaning up the beach and now the city does it. She hand painted signs (yes, she's got the artistic gift) and now the city wants her to make street signs. Susan and her husband, Scott, have been there for two years now. They consider themselves blessed to be doing what they are doing. I consider them an awesome couple.

More Glass

Yes, that's Harold.

A Glass Freak

This guy that lived on the island of Utila definitely had a mental illness disease because he came to our clinic the next day and told one of our team about a sorceress that tells him to do things. But his whole place he did year after year, bit by bit, a piece at a time. Inlaid glass on steps, walls, rooms, URINALS, ...

A Bunch of Hams

Karleen, Ann, and Darlene. This was our last night LaCeiba and we were at a restaurant that serves the best darned steak I've had in many years. I had a huge piece of it to have on the way home the next day and darned if I didn't forget it. Susan's dogs had a hay day with it I'm guessing.

One Fancy Toyota!

This old Toyota is really worth quite a lot. I believe it's an 82. Susan told me they paid $5K for it, but that it would go for $30K in the States. Silly us. We thought that we hadn't brought his driver's license and half way through the trip Harold had to stop driving. But in the airport, on the way home, lo and behold! I had his driver's license in with mine. Duh!

His Eyes Almost Bugged Out of his Head!!!

It was the darnedest thing. This plane is from the WWII era and has propellers along with rivets on the wings. No air conditioning. Nope. Nada. They pump in cold air with a hose immediately before take off and then that is to get you to your destination. It is very hot inside by the time you land a half hour later.
And Harold and I were seated on it and they turned on one motor and then the other motor and Harold thought that perhaps the propeller wasn't working and was half out of his seat with his eyes bugging out of his head. I just laughed at him. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
That was the beginning of all of Harold's hardships.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I've Been Snoozing

Okay. Not really. I've been BUSY. Very busy. But no excuse for letting my blog lapse since April. So? Enjoy the TDC pictures and know that soon, VERY SOON, I'm going to have the Honduras stories and pictures up too.

Thanks for your patience,
Love and peace,

Can You See it?

Can you read the writing on the trophy? Harold won 2nd place in the flatbed division. No surprise as he's driven a flatbed for 18 years. They gave him a Sterling tractor along with a spread axle. Those other guys don't know how to handle a spread axle. But Harold does.
Go Harold! 2nd place! Next year the Nationals!

A Table Full of Trophys

Yes, out of 5 drivers on the team, 4 of them placed along with getting team trophy. Team trophy is where they had the highest average score of all companies that entered.
You go guys!

Truck Driving Championships 2007, Florida

Here is the Conway Freight team. That's Harold, 2nd from right. All five practiced hard and long. I should know. I was there.