Friday, June 29, 2007

The Animal Lover

That would be my friend, Karleen. Last year Susan had a parrot. This year she has two parrots and a toucan. Scott, Susan's hubby built a GREAT cage for the birds. It's outside, but yet a wall of it is inside and there is no need for paper to line the bottom. Just use the hose and squirt all the unwanted stuff away. What genius. The whole thing about keeping birds is the mess they make. This is a great situation.
Oh. And the toucan? He is definitely the ruler in that cage. Oh yes he is. I would watch him in the mornings. One morning after just getting fed he went over to the other two parrots bowls and knocked all the food out. Did he know what he was doing? You betcha. He then proceeded to go back to his food bowl and eat properly. Little brat that he is.

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