Thursday, September 06, 2007

Columbus, Ohio Blue Jackets

One day in walks some people into the barber shop where my daughter, Missi, works (Mike's Barber Shop on High St. Columbus, OH). Mike, the owner, was asked if he knew of anyone that can put a #61 on the back of a head. They were wanting to put together some photos/advertising for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Specifically Rick Nash. Mike says, well, as a matter of fact, yes I do. He was referring to Missi. And yes, she is a top notch barber/hair stylist.

After several phone calls they finally decide to meet up and get'r done. That was yesterday. Lots of photos later and it's finished. Sorry that you can't see the back of Q's head in this photo, specifically the #61, but this photo was sent to Missi today. What a stunning photograph!

And Q? He didn't do too bad. He received a transformer (HIS FAVORITE) and Spiderman riding a motorcycle along with $75 for his troubles. He has #61 on the back of his head and I'm betting that Rick Nash would be proud.