Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A real sweetie

Here is a picture of a little girl. How I wish I'd had a notebook in my pocket and written down her name, but I didn't, so anyways, I didn't get the chance to meet her directly when her and her family came to the clinic. But I did meet her when we went out handing out the bags of food we'd collected. Poor thing. Her hip is shot. It doesn't work and it's like her leg is dead weight. I watched her getting frustrated trying to move around with the walker and her leg. She had told Karleen that she loved her hair while at the clinic so I quickly asked how to say hair in Spanish and told her how pretty her hair was.

Of course I've got to toss in another picture of me and Ann working hard in the pharmacy. And also Todd and Toddy working hard ... oh! Wait a minute! They're playing with their camera!!! Me? Have time to take pictures? No way. Not us slackers in pharmacy. I didn't take 10 pictures the first few days. I was counting on others to help me out in the picture department.
Thanks Karleen!!!

And soon we're moving to the next clinic we went to. I had my camera out more then and was able to get some great shots.

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