Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm back from Lima, Peru

And this was the best mission trip in so much as the need that was there in that country. So many people ill and our group was blessed to be able to take care of 768 of them. We also delivered food to 20 families along with giving our extra medications to Dr. Anthony Lazzarro, a Tampa, FL native who gave up his lucrative pediatric practice to dedicate his life to the discarded children of Peru. At the time of our visit he had 52 children in his orphanage.

I humbly ask you to read and enjoy the following stories and pictures.

This is a picture of me on Saturday, at Fort Lauderdale, FL airport. The day the rest of the team left for Peru. I was horribly upset as my passport had been left in my copier/printer and I had to go home. I did leave for Peru on Sunday and all was well for the rest of the trip.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice done. Really enjoyed and glad you enjoyed as being so far the " best "mission trip ever been. Thank You Lord!!
Mike E.