Monday, October 06, 2008

Cubanos mujers para Sarah Palin!

I met these women today while in line to get into the Germain Arena to see Sarah Palin, SW Florida. These women are from Cuba, currently living in the Miami area, and told me they knew very well what it was like to have a wolf in sheep's clothing making false promises. The following article explains more, much more.

Oh, and they're quite vocal about it. They have a site at

Propaganda Cuban Style

Celeste Christi
Before Fidel Castro was elected Fulgencio Batista ruled Cuba. Things were bad under Batista and change was needed, but only the right change could produce peace, wealth and prosperity for Cuba.

During the election campaign many tried to warn the Cubans about Castro. Critics cited Castro's past acts and communist associations as evidence that he was a communist wearing "change you need" like a cloak, hiding his true intent.

Castro dismissed such assertions as nonsense. Instead of answering
the questions surrounding his bad associations and past acts, Castro attacked the smears themselves with indignation and misinformation.

Obama's fight the smears campaign employs the same strategy Castro used to convince Cubans to elect him. Cuba has been paying the price of falling for Castro for over four decades. Turned out the "smears" about Castro were true. He is a communist.

Like Castro, Obama is mixing umbrage, half-truths and outright lies
to weave a net of misinformation about his past deeds, projects and associations. He's hoping with the convenience of a web address we'll just "take his word for it" and not vet him.

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