Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cedar Key, FL on the 4th of July

Harold and I needed a laid back place to get away. We both have high stress jobs and we didn't want a hectic pace while off. Enough of that at work. A coworker suggested Cedar Key stating if we didn't want to do anything but relax that would be the place.

Well, darned if we didn't happen up there on a wild weekend (for Cedar Key). Pixie, the gal that ran the motel told us right from the start, If you don't drink, fish, or like seafood, then don't come to Cedar Key. Boy was she right. Even landing there on the 4th of July festival weekend didn't make things crazy. And Harold and I wondered what we'd have done if it wasn't the 4th. Ha ha ha ... As it was, it was perfect. Walk around the festival, eat, go buy some absolut vodka along with orange and cranberry juice, get drunk (me, not Harold), and crash for the fireworks, waking up at mindnight with a headache.

And what good is the 4th of July without a watermelon???

Cedar Key is toted to be the largest farm raised clams in Florida, the country, the world? I don't know which it is or even if it's true, but they were good.

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