Thursday, July 10, 2008

Seahorse Key

So what to do the whole day of the 5th of July? The 4th's festivities were over and done with. Well, it was $350 for a half day of charter fishing or $700 for the whole day. Ay! And then there was the tour to Seahorse Key where there is a lighthouse that was built in the mid 1800's. The following year a hurricane whipped through there. Then the Civil War started and darned if the Union soldjiers didn't use it as a prison. Now the U.S Fish and Wildlife has it and it's a nature reserve and is only opened to the public twice a year. The 4th of July and during Cedar Key's clam festival in October. The boat ride was $21/person. OK. That's doable. And I was intrigued. It was the highlight of our weekend.

But that only took half a day. What were we to do with the other half? Did I mention that I'd had too much to drink the day before and slept through the fireworks??? Well, there was no way I was going to drink again (like so many others were doing). Ugh. So we went shopping. But when you're in a town that is old Florida and as cute as that may be, everything is expensive. So a lot of looking was done and then a meal at a horribly overpriced restaurant. Harold doesn't eat seafood so he had the only thing on the menu that wasn't seafood. A hamburger for $12. And it was tasteless. Horrible. Harold was whining for Red Robin. Me? I had an overpriced variety of seafood that was mediocre at best. Believe me, I know. There are better restaurants around Fort Myers. Pinchers Crab Shack is one. Shoot! Red Lobster is better. And the meal cost $30. Ha ha ha ... next time I'll pack a cooler and grill. Ha ha ha ... and byob! The price wouldn't have bothered me if the food was good. But ...

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