Thursday, August 24, 2006

Three Little Kittens

I've been talking about being in Ohio and the drama unfolding with my daughter, Missi's, heart condition. Well, these little guys were born while I was there. I remember looking at mama Ramona and watching her belly swell. Nobody believed me initially, well, except for Victoria who'd been suspecting the same thing I was. Ramona was preggers.

And Ramona wouldn't leave my side while in labor, which she was having unbeknownst to me. I go to the bathroom and she'd follow me to the bathroom. She slept by my feet on the couch that night. Then the next morning after feeding CoopD and then Q and Sis I was cleaning up the kitchen and I heard Sis say, "A black kitty!" And I tuned it out. Then Meew, meew, meew and Missi, who was in the livingroom said, "Mom? What is that?" Ramona was in labor and indeed, there was a small black kitty on the kitchen floor underneath the table. I hurried and got a laundry basket with a towel in the bottom of it and that ended up being their home. I fed Ramona what was left of CoopD's bottles while I was there as she was now a nursing mama kitty.

Aren't the little guys cute?
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les said...

aw alecia they are so cute,but hey i guess ramona knew you had a love of animals to.
les xx