Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Magnum

Harold and I have had a hard time lately. Me, with my daughter and her illness, and Harold with the death of his sister, Brenda. And we were apart and not able to support each other. Not an easy time for either of us.

Harold's sister was given a 4-6 week prognosis and put on hospice. Harold couldn't get the first weekend off as boss man said no, so I bought him airline tickets for the 2nd weekend after we were informed. And Harold's sister didn't make it a week. She died 5 days after being given her prognosis. More like a 4-6 DAY prognosis.

Rather than dealing with the airlines and paying the huge change fees, we decided he'd take that time off anyway. And we both had a nice long, healing weekend together and was able to forget about things -- for a while.

One of those days we went to Cedar Point. I'm ALWAYS bragging about Cedar Point. Unbeknownst to me, I grew up close to the best amusement park in the WORLD. Living in Florida, well, everyone believes Orlando is all that -- but it's not all that. And finally I had a chance to prove it.

Knowing that my dear husband is not a big fan of roller coasters we walked the park and passed over most of them. BUT! I was able to talk him into going on The Magnum, my favorite roller coaster ever. As we stood in line I told him how I've always ridden this ride, laughed my ass off, ran back into line and did it all over again. He was able to become quite comfortable seeing that the ride was built in 1989 and was pretty much a relic compared to roller coasters of today -- until the ride started moving.

Me? I started laughing like an ol' wet hen. Howling my butt off. As usual. That is what I've always done. And Harold was furious. He couldn't stand the ride and started growling, "It's not funny. It's NOT FUNNY! I'm NOT getting back on this ride. I said, it's not funny! I hate this !@#$%^& ride. It's not funny!

Hence the picture. Enjoy!

Oh, and one more thing. He agreed that Cedar Point has it all over Orlando *IF* he liked those kinds of rides.

It was just announced on yesterday's news that the price of Disney's tickets are going up to $67. The 2nd increase this year. It cost Harold and me $65 for the both of us at Cedar Point and there is no question, no doubt, where the best park is.

And Cedar Point is in the process of making the next biggest, highest, fastest roller coaster in the world. It was pretty cool to see the signs over by the construction saying, Here we go again. Ha ha ha

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les said...

well ya can see in big Hs face that he wasnt enjoying this ride,but hey he the bottle to even venture to ride the darn thing. nopeeeeeee not me.