Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Indian Lake

This was a difficult day for me. Just the day before my daughter, who'd just been discharged from the hospital two days previously, passed a blood clot to her R lung. She was back in the hospital and going through horror upon horrors. But it was decided by her that since I'd promised the Q and Clara to take them to the beach and that we were still going to the beach.

And so we did.

Missi said she had such fond memories of 'the beach' when she was a kid and wanted me to make the memories for them too. And so I did. They had a great day and just loved it and asked me to bring them back.

And I did.
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les said...

you did a great job with these grandchildren or yours alecia,trying and sucessfully achieving to keep the familly together and in sane.with some kind of normality at that sad time.