Tuesday, August 01, 2006

After Six Weeks in the Hospital

And after almost 75 pounds of water taken off her with lasix here she is now. For some funny reason the remaining water is in her belly area and she has a small pooch.

Aren't we lucky though? Cooper, the baby, is perfect. Missi fell apart during her pregnancy and struggled with an undiagnosed heart condition that almost did her in, but the baby was PERFECT! And what a good baby she is!

Now if we could just get over having to feed the poor thing formula. Having breast fed all my babies and Missi doing the same with hers, using formula is new to us. I never saw so much gas. Poor thing would be sleeping soundly and start writhing and crying and then pass gas or a burp. Yucky stuff! But then look at her. She looks like she's thriving well.

Happy birthday Cooper! You're two months old today!
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les said...

this is a beutifull picture of mother and daughter,baby not aware that anything is so terribly wrong.(thank goodness)