Friday, April 14, 2006

This precious child

Amalia bathed her with that jug of water. These children had been to our clinic the day before and were full of lice. We'd given them lice shampoo that was supposed to be washed out in 10 minutes. It was dried and matted in her hair. Amalia did the best she could with what we had.

And now to tell the rest of the story. These kids grandparents lived right down the embankment, perhaps half a city block away. They were happy to tell us that the parents played cards and drank all their wages. All they did was blame the parents, tell us they didn't get along with them, and that the kids weren't allowed down to their house. Unbelievable.

The conditions are bad enough in Honduras, but when you have parents that work and drink the money away and grandparents pointing fingers and not taking any responsibility, well, it is very upsetting.
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