Thursday, April 06, 2006

Our Honduras Team

From bottom left and up is Becky, a RN with 30+ years in the ER, Sandra, Dr. Rene's wife with Dr. Rene standing directly behind her. Renea, our trip leader (yeah!!! Renea!!!), and then Karleen, a long time dear friend of mine who I hadn't seen in 10 years until this trip, and then last, but not least in the left row, ME!

From bottom right is Cassie, Dr. Chris's daughter, a senior in high school. Behind her are Jeannie and Fabian, a wonderful couple who I met on our first trip to La Mesa, Colombia. Shekinah, a 16 year old medical missionary in training, my dear friend, Ann, an excellent oncology nurse, and last, but no where near the least, Dr. Chris.

This team worked together fantastically. Unbelievable the work we accomplished. With two providers and 4 nurses with lots of help from all we saw 775 people in 4 days. WOW!!! Perhaps it was because we didn't have all the cumbersome paperwork?

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