Saturday, April 22, 2006

Meet Charlie

Harold and I were off to go shopping today with the first stop being at Petco for dog food. Well, we always look at the rescue group's brood and cluck about how cute they are and then go about our business -- until today. We walked in and saw some cute puppies and were about to leave when we saw this gal holding on that resembled a baby Nugget, but we both assumed she was about to adopt him -- until speaking to her we found out that she was bringing them all in and was the foster mom. Then we both knew we were done.

Charlie resembled our Nugget too much not to take him home, so $400 later we left with our new baby on our lap. And he had every tinker toy he needed too. From a harness that fit him today and one that will fit him when he outgrows this one. A crate for training, chewies, toys, bowl, etc. And his neutering is already paid for when he gets old enough along with his baby needs i.e. worming, first shots, fleas, etc.

Harold and I were amazed that Lady Jane and Nugget let Charlie in as easily as they did. A bunch of sniffs later and that was that.

Now for all the puppy training!
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