Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Nugget

He was 10 years old last December and I thought he was aging nicely. Until the last month he started to deteriorate quickly right in front of my eyes. Harold started noticing also. His back hips are very bad with his legs going out in all four directions and sometimes his not being able to get up on his own. His appetite has also decreased. I cannot explain the relationship I have with this dog. I never thought I could love a dog as much as I would one of my own children, but I do. He's been right there for me for many years.

And don't anyone mess with me either! He lets you know immediately that your bad body language and poor tone of voice won't be tolerated by him when it's being directed at me. Why, in his eyes I am always right in this home of ours. Should Katie raise her voice to me he gets between us and gets right in her face. He's even bit her on the back of her thigh (his spot of choice) several times to keep her in check. And as far as Harold and I go? Should we be raising our voices at each other Harold gets it on the back of the thigh too. Whether I'm raising my voice to Harold or Harold is raising his voice to me. That's my boy! I'm always right in his eyes!

And I'll never forget the pizza guy. Poor fella. All he was doing was handing me the pizza and Nugget thought he was coming at me. Yep. He got it in the back of the thigh also.

We call him the general. He keeps things in check around here.

I love that dog!

And by the way, he's never broke the skin, but he sure does leave a purple knot that looks pretty painful.
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