Friday, May 13, 2005

Sunday morning in Colombia

It's this woman here that was my first spiritual inspiration in Colombia. She's the pastor's wife at a Pentecostal church we visited. The strength of her spirit made the hair raise on my arms. I was dumbfounded. Tears sprang to my eyes. I was in a trance. And it all came back to me in an instant -- the power of God. I'd turned my back on him when my late husband died in 1995. He was just 42 years old and way too young to be needing a heart transplant. Ten years later the Lord is filling my soul again. He'd been there all along waiting for me to heal.

I knew with my job as a hospice nurse that I was more in tune to the 'other side' of this life time. You can't do that job and have no faith. It took this medical/dental missionary trip to pull it the rest of the way out. At least that's the way I see it right now.

And by the way, if you could see this church. They had/have nothing much in tangible items. As a matter of fact their microphone/music system had been stolen and they were asking for 50,000 pesos to be able to keep the one they had borrowed for the day. If 20 people would pledge ... And we did. Then one person, Rick, came up and paid the whole amount, so that church, on that particular day, was highly blessed.

I wish I could remember how much money that was. I believe I'm close when I say it was a bit less than $20/person.

PS. Sorry for the blurry pictures. My camera's speed was set too low.

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les said...

he certainly touched your soul once again.