Thursday, May 26, 2005


That's my middle name. I am so depressed and feel like I have no purpose. I'm not working and that is a major part of why I'm the way I am. However, I would be working if the wheels of bureaucratic Bologna would spin around a complete circle, but alas, we're asking for the impossible.

I took the test to add my hazardous material endorsement onto my CDL driver's license. After many complications r/t being unable to pass the eye exam because of having a recent CK procedure, I finally was able to complete all that was being asked of me. Now I'm told it takes 2-3 months to get through the background check.

And then my husband, Harold, calls me and says, I can't believe no one has called you. They are DESPERATE for drivers here. Watkins brought down a straight truck just in case someone with a class B license comes in.

I said, Harold. Honey. As soon as I get my TX endorsement I'm going to go back and let all know that I now have it. However, I'm no good to anyone without the hazardous materials endorsement.

Of course, Harold's boss, Jack, is in such dire straight he'd have put me on. Boy would that have been easy, initially anyway. No interview. However, I don't believe it'd be such a good idea for me to work with my husband.

Meanwhile, ...


----------------------------------------- said...

I think they're too busy hiring illegals to drive the trucks, aren't they? At least that's what Fox News says ;)

Alicia said...

Boy you've got that right Bez. We're in Tampa right at the truck driving rodeo and in his interview he asked what he saw as one of the problems with professional drivers in the state of Florida. Harold's response was, without trying to sound predjudiced, was, in the Fort Myers area there are a lot of rock trucks with foreign drivers that are unable to communicate and that would be unsafe in relations to signs, instructions, etc.