Friday, May 13, 2005

He did it again!

This guy is Tio Jaime, Renea's uncle, an 84 year old fella that would put a lot of us to shame. He worked diligently in the pharmacy counting pills. His stamina is remarkable and would put a lot of us to shame. We walked through the salt mines and Renea had gotten him a wheelchair as she felt he'd be fine going down into the mine, but have trouble climbing back out. This young man would have nothing to do with that chair and was very insulted to see it. We wheeled it around with us just in case, but let me tell you this. He climbed out of that mine and nobody saw him huff or puff once. And I sure can't say that about myself! And instead of taking the ramp I took the stairs. No 84 year old man was going to show me up!

And his antics and voice. It was about day 3 or 4 when it finally came to me. He not only resembled, but sounded like Mr. Magoo. And just like Mr. Magoo, he lost his glasses on a regular basis. When I brought this up everyone hooted and hollered in agreement. You betcha. Mr Magoo, he did it again.
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