Saturday, January 14, 2006

Verucci Piece of Junk!

My dear husband came home with this piece of crap about a month ago. It's a stupid, dumb moped made by Verucci, a 2005 with 130 miles on it and WHAT A DEAL it was only $700 and no, it doesn't run, but he is going to get it to run. No problem. And before I continue let me say that the person he bought it from had cut wires from this and that and changed the carburetor in it trying to get it to run.

The junk would start, but wouldn't stay running, but upon investigation Harold discovered that the spark plug was cross firing. It took a couple of days to get the spark plug, get it cross referenced and in his possesion, but he got it and it did start a bit easier. However, it still wouldn't stay running. Harold buys a carburetor from a local business. The jerk makes him think he's getting a good deal. The carburetor had a price tag of $175 on it, but give me yours and you can have this one for $100.

Then his friend, Keith comes by to try to help him figure this bike out. It's getting spark, fuel, has compression so why won't it run? They put on the new carburetor and Keith discovers the 'slide' isn't working in the carburetor and he plays with it and gets it working,, but the final consensus is that the choke isn't operating properly. Do it manually and it will run like a banshee.

Harold buys a new choke, that comes with the 2nd new carburetor, and he also purchases the 'black box' that controls all. When they come in the mail he's so excited that it doesn't matter that he worked 12 hours that day. He takes his bath, gets dressed, and out to the garage he goes. Head hanging a couple of hours later as his effort was to no avail.

Then he's emailing the parts place that he's been ordering the parts from online located in Clearwater, FL, requesting some advice. A couple of days later he's speaking to a tech for about 1/2 an hour and he's got it all figured out now. He's got to take all apart, trace the wiring, do this, do that, put all back together and all should be well.

He started at 9 am today and it's now 7:30 pm and it still won't stay running! He stuck it up on his pickup truck and tried to take it back and the guy wasn't home. He's got to call him later. But he's still trying to get it to run out in the garage.

And Keith has company in from out of town and can't help him trouble shoot it this weekend.

Did I tell you that the 2nd carburetor was only $69 brand new, without a trade in, and included a brand new choke? Good, fair distributor in Clearwater. We still need to address the crook here in Fort Myers.

Did I also tell you that my husband bought this incredibly good deal from a fellow that gets them from Miami and is not a reputable dealer? Any dealer warranty was voided when it was given to us with cut wires, etc.

And we're waaaaaay over a $1000 now!

Some deal!

I told Harold I was going to shove it in the canal alongside our house. His response? Don't deprive ME of the pleasure!

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