Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stewart HOT Cinnamons

You know those soft, melt in your mouth peppermints you can only find at Christmas time? Well, I found these cinnamon candies that are soft like that and melt in your mouth like that and the only thing is that they are takeyourbreathaway HOT!!! And I was telling my pregnant with her third child daughter about them and she said they sounded yummy. She's like me. She likes things like that.

Now to paint the picture:
I collect things for her, articles, doodads, clothes, whatever's and when I get a big enough pile I put them all together and send them to her. This time I had a maternity top, some kitchen gadgets, a couple of articles, and three of those candies that I wanted her to try. I stuffed all into one of those 9X11 bubble envelopes and sent them on their way.

A few days went by after I mailed the package and I asked her if she'd received it yet and she said, no. I then told her I'd blown it. I sent the package and had nothing (NOTHING) in it for the grandkids and to please cover for me (bad grandma!).

The day came when the USPS delivered the package successfully and upon opening it, out tumbled the three cinnamon candies along with the rest of the goodies. Now, I must inform you of how hot they are. They are HOT! I've gotten quite a kick out of watching the reactions of adults eating them. If you bite down on them they can almost take your breath away and you have a tendency to bite down on them because they're soft and they're melting. And they are yummy hot!

And then the sacrificial mom only sees three and hands them all out to everyone else in her family. One to her husband, one to her four year old son and the last one to her two year old daughter forgetting all about our multiple conversations.

And they reacted. Big time! First John, her hubby says, this is the nastiest candy I've ever had. Truthfully? I'm betting he colored a better picture than that, but it's what she told me he said and I'm sticking to it. Then Quincy came running down the stairs whining, mommy! This candy is HOT! And as soon as those words tumbled out of his mouth, here comes Sissy scooting out of the kitchen. Sssssss, sssss, sssss, she says, as she tries to get her mouth to cool down, and then it hit Missi quick as lightening as the scene unfolds in front of her, oh damn! That's the candy mom was telling me about!

And she didn't even get to taste it.

And Quincy, my four year old grandson told me fiercely on the phone that evening, grandma, don't send no more hot candy!

And I have the last two to send to her in her next package, but who knows when that's going to be.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

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Ms.L said...

Those candies sound like they are right up my alley!