Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Change of Heart

A few months ago I told the story of abuse between my son and his girlfriend, the mother of two of my grandchildren.

Now I have another side of the story to tell.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I busted butt to get my house decorated for Christmas. I had the grand notion that I would be able to take some cute pictures of my grandkids with my digital camera and get some awesome photos taken of them for Christmas. Why wouldn't I be able to do that? My daughter in Ohio has done it quite charmingly for the last 3 years with her children. It should be a breeze.

Little did I know how difficult it would be to incorporate a not quite 3 month old with a busy 22 month old. Lots of hard work did not pay off. I was very disappointed with the results.

Mom was on her way home when I called her mom and asked if she was working the following weekend and would she help me with the babies if I came over to their house. She said quite plainly, there is always Walmart. Okay. Yes there is. She'd let me know loud and clear that she wanted no part of it.

However, I'm not one to give up quite so easily so I asked my daughter in Ohio if she thought she could do something with the pictures. She had impending finals and I knew we had to wait for them to be history, but afterwards she put together a collage of sorts and considering what we had to work with I was pleased with the results. I called Sarah and asked her how many photos she wanted as I was going to order them from York Photo online. She wanted 10 of the 4 x 6's and 5 of the 5x7's. No problem I told her and the order was put in.

I expected them by the end of the week and time was of the essence as Christmas was the following weekend and Sarah was wanting to insert them in her Christmas cards.

I got home that Saturday evening and as expected they were in the mailbox. I called Sarah on Sunday and she said she was too tired to come and pick them up. I understood how difficult it would be to drag out the babies and told her that Harold delivered around Cape Coral and perhaps he'd be able to get close enough for her to run and get them on Monday.

On Monday my phone started going off at work. I've got it set on meeting because of the nature of my job, but I happened to catch one of Sarah's calls. I whispered to her that I was swamped and had to get back to work and would call her back later. She said irritatingly, please do! I want to talk to you!

Huh? What's with the attitude I'm thinking to myself? But I had to continue working and I was swamped. However, a few hours later I got a chance to call my husband and I asked him if he'd had a chance to get together with Sarah and get her the pictures. He said, yes he did. And as a matter of fact he was going right by the house and he took the pictures right to her door. She didn't have to drag the kids out at all.

Now what is up with all of this?

That's for tomorrow's post.

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