Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Having lived through 4 hurricanes last summer I was not prepared for the devastation of Katrina. I was compelled to call the Red Cross today and volunteer to go to the largest/worst natural disaster of our nations history. Tomorrow I get two passport photos taken so they can make a badge for me and I'm also filling out an application. On Saturday I have to take an 8 hour course on first aid (rolling my eyes) and rules and regs and will be leaving either Sunday or Monday. I have committed myself for two weeks and only God knows where I'm going and who I'm going to touch. Many thanks to my loving husband who, when informed of my deep need to go help those people said to me, do what you have to do. Please pray for me and send me lots of positive energy and thoughts. I know I will end up going where I'm supposed to be and am excited to be helping in any way I can. I was told it was going to be hardship and I'd be sleeping on the floor in a shelter and I thought to myself, I'm going to get me an air mattress!!! Ha ha ha! Having had the great experience of going to Colombia on a missionary trip I believe I know what needs to be packed. I'd better! I don't have my dear friend, Ann, to bail me out if I don't.

I spoke to my boss today and they haven't given me a definite yes, but I believe I will be fine there.

Love and peace,

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