Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hammer jammer mama!

Ha ha ha ... okay, so now I've got an excuse for not being here. Really. I do. I'm back to work hauling medical supplies to area hospitals in a 53 foot trailer with a brand new 2006 International tractor. I'm bad.

And since I haven't driven since I lived in the state of Ohio it blows my mind to have a truck that does 70 mph and you can legally drive 70 mph on the interstate!!! How cool is that?

But people, I'm dying here. I've found all my muscles that I'd thought had gone dormant. Last week was my first week working and by Friday I was dying. Dying. And then I healed all those little, ripped, fibers over the weekend and went to work yesterday and I'm dying again. Already.

If this keeps up I'm going to be buffed.


Perhaps not buffed, but I'll be getting the spring back into my step.

Pictures are coming. I promise!

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