Thursday, July 07, 2005

Just wait until I get home!!!

I've got lots of pictures to post. I'm having such a glorious time. Lots of food, lots of family, and lots of grandkids.

Yesterday the grandkids and I went up to United Dairy Farmers for some ice cream. And we sat inside and ate it on a cone. Ha ha ha! What a mess. I ended up getting a spoon and assisting the youngest one, and both wore it all over their faces and on their clothes regardless of any assistance from grandma, but they were sure enjoying themselves.

Later in the afternoon we walked up to the park. There were no swings there, but there was a huge slide/play gym and they enjoyed the heck of themselves there also. In a little while, worried/concerned mamma came looking for us. Both kids saw here and screamed, MOMMY!!! And went running to her. Nothing like your mamma! Nothing like it.

I'm also enjoying a nice reprieve from the oppresive heat that's in sunny FL at this time of year. There was a couple of hot days since I've been here, but I was in MI and by pools for both of them. Now that I'm back in OH the temperatures are in the lower 80's. Nice.

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