Friday, July 22, 2005

I almost forgot this picture

How is beyond me. This picture of Dave, the dentist I was assisting, was taken in the time frame of the other pictures I'd just posted yesterday. Dave has a very active GI (gastric intestinal) system and makes no bones about passing flatus when it suits him regardless of where he's at. See the look on his face? Yep. He's guilty! Thank goodness I was far enough away and could only hear that one rip off.

And that's nothing. While assisting him in the office he'd let one rip and take off for another room leaving me to take the blame when other co-workers or a patient came within smelling distance. He's a piece of work. That he is. That he is. But Dave, if you're reading this, I'd work with you again and I promise to eat only cooked foods. Nothing raw so that I could be 100%.

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geezer squeezer! said...

i think me and him could be friends.....

Alicia said...

Oh boy Geezer, is it a guy thing???

Ha ha ha !!!