Thursday, July 07, 2005



I believe my hazmat application has finally gone through. Nothing has come back to me and it's been over two weeks since I resent my reapplireapplication. Last time they received my reapplication (Is that a word? If not, it should be.) on 6/13 (I had requested a signed receipt) and their letter was postmarked 6/15. This last signed receipt was dated 6/20 and, well, it's been almost 3 weeks and no more letters from the state asking me to fill out another application.

And I believe I know what the problem was. But first you must understand that this application was VERY BASIC. Name, previous name. Address, previous address. Height, weight, color of your eyes, drivers license number, state issued.

Ahhhh ... and that is where the problem was. I believe. Drivers license number is P123456789 and the next box said, state issued (sor). I assumed they meant the state that went along with the number of my present license. So on the last application I said, FL/was OH. OH being the state my CDL was originally issued. And perhaps the abbreviation I have no clue what it stands for meant state originally registered? Hell! I don't know!

Give me a break.

Now lets see how long it takes to get that TX endorsement!

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