Monday, June 27, 2005


This baby girl will always have a place in my heart. She was my Latty's dog and one day, in the trenches of Cleveland, OH, she decided to take a walk and left the front yard while Latty was distracted by a ringing telephone. While searching for her we'd heard that a young black guy had a leash, snapped it on her, and walked away with her -- just like that. And Taij went with him not realizing anything was amiss. Taj was a baby doll and wouldn't hurt a flea regardless of the reputation of pit bulls.

When Latty would bring her over to spend the night Taij would get in the bed and burrow under the covers. She'd have to have the spot by your feet. And of course I'd drive to Cleveland on her birthday. What else is a grandma to do?

Taij, we all miss you!
Love, grandma and Nugget
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ty bluesmith said...

latty's dickhead brother let her get away

----------------------------------------- said...

Oh, she was so pretty! Machi (sp?) does look like her.