Sunday, June 26, 2005


He is my boy. If you could have a dog for a soul mate, he is that and more. I love this dog. I adore this dog. He is my best buddy.

And this December he will be 10 years old. In dog years that's 70. And the fact that he's a large dog, 130 pounds, makes him even older and gives me less time with him.

I'm noting the changes in him. He is stiff in the morning when he first gets up. His paws and face are turning gray. And he doesn't like the pool as much as he used to.

He doesn't like the pool as much as he used to!

It used to be that you couldn't keep him out of the pool. Now you have to coax him in and he gets out as soon as he can. And I had this pool and house built for him. Tile floors so he could have his occasional bouts of diarrhea without making me a basket case trying to clean it out of carpeting. And a pool filter that works best with dog hair, sand.

Last night he was sick. His tummy was rolling. With his head hung down I let him outside and listened while he was sick and eating grass in the dark. And then he came back into the house with his head still hanging.

This dog only eats the best of foods. I get the Nutro brand, Ultra ($40 a pop) and put a capful of cod liver oil on his food. I make his yogurt with raw, unprocessed milk, and he gets his joint pills on a daily basis. Of course he gets a lot of our food too which is, for the most part, unprocessed, whole foods and grains. He's spoiled.

And I love him!
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----------------------------------------- said...

I love Nutro Ultra! I mean, I love feeding it to Whiskey. I don't eat it myself... ahem.