Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hazmat endorsement problems -- AGAIN!!!

I forgot to mention this over the weekend. More bureaucratic crap at it's finest. For those who read this blog regularly, you know I'm having problems getting my hazardous materials endorsement on my CDL (commercial driver's license), and have had one request (already) asking me to fill out the application form -- again. Well, I did, and went and had it sent back requesting a signed receipt, which I received last week.

I tossed it in my bill box.

And then on Friday there was an envelope in my mailbox from the DMV, Tallahassee, FL and trepidation filled me. Upon opening it, there it was, just as I suspected. Another request to fill out the SAME application -- AGAIN!!! I ran to the bill box and pulled out that signed receipt. It was signed for on June 13th. This letter was postmarked June 15th. WHAT THE HECK???

So I filled out the form -- again. I had my step son and daughter look it over. I found a spot that could possibly mean they were requesting the state my CDL was issued in so I put in Ohio/now FL in the box. I'm trying hard to cover all bases. I look over the form again and again and all the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted.


This form is a standard form. A basic application. But unlike the computer, it doesn't highlight in red pertinent areas that are incorrect. It could be anything, any line, any box that is incorrect. Now does that make any sense to you?

But how can you screw up something so simple? All they want is your name, previous name. Address, previous address. Color of hair, eyes, and weight. Driver's license number and state issued. Like DUH!

Okay! I'll admit it! I took 20 pounds off the weight. I lied. I do not weigh what my drivers license says I do. Do you think they sent their spy camera and know I'm lying about 20 pounds??? You name it and there are at least 95% of us telling white lies about our weight!

What could it be???

It must be the weight. I'm sorry I lied!!! Not. That's crazy.

And I sent the completed (hopefully) application back to the office/address set up for resubmissions -- again. Imagine. A whole office for resubmissions and this background check has only been going on since March 31st.

God help us!

If it comes back again I'm calling my senator's office and asking for some intervention. I mean. Come on now. This is ridiculous. I have Mr. Mel Martinez's phone number -- ready -- and waiting.

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