Thursday, June 09, 2005

Here we go!

It arrived in yesterday's mail. A letter from the State of Florida. Dear Mrs. P, because it was lost, or information was missing, or problems there were problems with processing we request that you 'please' fill out the enclosed application form -- again -- and it this time it doesn't have to be signed by a witness.

Now people, let me share this with you. I knew it was going to happen. Even the gal at the DMV knew it was going to happen. She had me check that form very thoroughly and then she checked that form very thoroughly, and we both concluded it was filled out properly and totally.

Until yesterday's mail.

Now, because of the Patriot Act you must have a background check when you apply or renew your hazardous materials endorsement on you CDL license. Okay. I understand. Indiscriminate people might get a load of whatever and take it to wherever it shouldn't be .

But why do the wheels of bureaucracy move so slowly??? I took that hazmat test on May 11th. Yesterday, was June 8th. It's been almost a month and they've just now decided some info is missing.

And they did apologize for any delay this may cause.

And (this is a good one) they had a special address for people like me having to fill that form out -- again.

Hazardous Materials Resubmission Office
Tallahassee, Florida

I shit you not!

I am not kidding!

Do you think that perhaps I'm not the first one this has happened to and that you can probably concur that it happens quite frequently?


Since the law took affect on March 31st it's been supposed to take approximately 30 days, but it's been taking more than 60 (according to the same gal at the DMV.

Meanwhile here I sit, hanging around. So many jobs and nobody will take me seriously.


----------------------------------------- said...

A whole office for resubmissions??? Now that's just sad.

Alicia said...

Pathetic! It's a mess.