Saturday, January 10, 2009

We're Amercian born and bred deep into our souls

All the turbulence in our country over the auto industry. Yeah, they blew it, but most of it was dealing with the cumbersome union and they had no choice. Even still, although the union has given some concessions, they are still holding back the auto industry from surviving these turbulent times.

Why the financial industry didn't get picked apart like the auto industry is beyond me. I sure wish I knew what motivates the media. Why some issues are made into horror stories and others escape any attention.

However, today Harold and I took the time out to take a proud picture of our vehicles. The Lincoln MKZ is my first car other than a Chevy in ??? years and I LOVE IT. The Dodge Ram pickup? Well, Harold pulls it out of the garage, washes it, pets it, and pulls it back in so it doesn't get dirty. And oh my, the SS Monte Carlo!!! It is so SWEET! Just a month ago I was walking up to it and told Harold, wow! That car looks so pretty.

May I also add that we've had no problems (Super no jinx!) with any of them? Of course Harold is meticulous with preventative maintenance on our vehicles, which is a large part of keeping your vehicle humming away.

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