Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Follow up on our president elects' promise on Change

This was said so perfectly. I wish I could write my thoughts out like this writer. But these words might as well be coming right out of my mouth.

third rock from the sun has left a new comment on the post "A Sad Day, Indeed":

My comment is written on Jan. 11, 2009.

I thought it would be interesting to scroll down to the Election Day blog post of November 4 2008 and post my comment here. Just to give alittle peek into the future on how BO is leading so far after being elected.

BO's campaign was based on HOPE- CHANGE.

Yet, since the election, I find no hope in his president-elect speeches. His rhetoric is full of fear for the American people. The speeches are all doom and gloom. His cabinet choices are full of people from the Clinton era So, I say....Where is all the Hope and where is all the Change?

The people who voted him in were in a trance. Their eyes were glazed-over as they chanted "Obama, Obama, Obama."

We need a leader. Not a fear monger. Sure, things are tough. But it not because of the American people who pay their taxes to the Feds and the local government. We pay our taxes AND bail out the greedy corporate crooks. What more do you want us to do? Oh yes....listen to the leader of the free world WHINE.

He is whining because he is having to finally make a decision and decisions are hard because you can't please everyone, which is something that narcissistic BO needs: To be liked by everyone. That is why he voted 'present' in the Senate as a junior senator. He didn't want to take a lead and make a choice and perhaps make an enemy.

Things were really scary the afternoon of 9/11. We feared for our lives instead of our pocketbook. To me, that is far more of a crisis than what we are going through now. What did our leader Bush do? He lead. He did not get up there in front of the American people and spread the word of fear. He put the nation at ease that we would prevail! He kept our nation safe while we were 'under his watch'. He promised that and he delivered!

BO promised HOPE and can't even have it himself before he even reaches office. He might as well be saying, "Look, the Economy is bad..we're all going to die!" That's what the leader (ha) BO might as well be saying because that is all I am hearing.

Hope and Change, it seems, was left on the stage at Grant Park in Chicago, Election night. He strutted out on stage, accepted the win and promised his girls a dog. That maybe be the only promise he delivers on.

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