Friday, September 16, 2005

Meet Anna

She's from St. Bernard Parrish and had a tale to tell me that brought this smile to her face. She has a collie, a Lassie dog, and she knows where he's at. Fortunately for her she had a tag on him that even had her cell phone number on it and she received a call one day from a female rescue worker who stated she had her dog. After a lengthy discussion it was revealed that this awesome dog had to have swam 14 miles to get to dry land, worked with the police for three days and finally went with the rescue worker who stated the police didn't want to give him up, but did, reluctantly. The rescue worker has bathed the dog and her son went to pick him up.

She is not the only one that came in and smiled when their beloved pets were brought up. Another gal told me that CNN rescued her riotweiler after she called and called and begged and begged.

Now I'm telling you, these people are stressed out to the maximum limits, but bring up their pets and they're smiling!!!

A couple here and there are rescued, but so many left to save. Poor babies!!!
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