Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lee Sar, my employer, is good!

I went to the Red Cross training program today and let them know that I was unable to leave until next Saturday as my employer requested that time to get someone to cover for me while I was gone.

Oh, and while some companies can be cold hearted, some aren't. I was a LOT nervous about asking them for time off to go help in this disaster as I'd only been employed with them for 6 weeks. I was not only given THREE weeks off to go help, but IT'S WITH PAY!!! I am absolutely stunned.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend who works for a hospice in Wisconsin is crushed as she's as compelled as myself about going and helping out in our nations worst disaster in history, and her boss told her NO. When she tried to plead her case she was told they had a business to run.

Today she tells me that the Mississippi nursing board called her asking if there was anyway she could come down and help (they got her number because of a web site she'd visited and inquired about before the bad guys told her no) and the medical personnel working were exhausted and they were looking for relief. My friend has a 30 foot camper and wants to bring it down. They told her to bring it down along with any camping items she might have. She tells me that she is now preparing to leave for Mississippi regardless of what her company says although she'll speak to her boss's boss on Tuesday and try to get some cooperation with them.

My goodness! She doesn't want to be paid! She just wants the time off to go help some people that desperately need it!

HELLO??? Is anybody there? But for the grace of God it's not YOU needing the help!!!

My other girlfriend works for a large trucking company and she was told no also. There was nobody to cover for her.

Selfish, selfish people! But not Lee Sar, my employer. They are good. Real good. And generous.

Thanks Lee Sar for making it a lot easier for me to go help the people that need it so badly!!!

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