Monday, March 17, 2008

Landscaping finished

You won't believe the work entailed with landscaping this home. There were marble rocks in the previous beds and all were pulled out and laid on the driveway to be cleaned and rinsed off. All previous greenery pulled out and new homes were found for them in the backyard. Then the black netting bought and laid down with marble rocks laid back down. The old ones and LOTS of new. Some areas, like the spots on each side of the garage door have volcanic rocks in lieu of the marble ones. JoAnn Fabrics had a sale on clay pots for 50% off and I went shopping looking for something different and unique. Then I looked for new greenery that would be pot friendly. Unfortunately, the Hibiscus wasn't and has already been taken out and replaced with the two palms (on each side of the garage door) that have been thriving for almost five years in pots on my lanai. A lovely Corn Plant in the enclosed porch is a nice added touch (thanks Matt!). Then a lot of months went by and living in Florida I knew we had to get the border done before it became oppressively hot, and that is the way I approached the task with my dear husband, Harold. Without thinking about it long at all he agreed and we were on our way to Home Depot, who gave us very poor customer service, so a couple more miles (no big deal in the scheme of things), and we were at Lowes and soon we had a whole skid of border block loaded onto the back of our pickup truck.

Can you say GROAN???

Ha ha ha ha ha ... I just can't help but laugh as I visualize how that pickup truck looked with all that weight on it. And slowly and carefully we made our way home. Well, any of you who know Harold and his pickup and you know we were not only to get that block off ASAP, but immediately afterwards that truck was washed, the bed rinsed out and shined up, and put back into the garage.

Am I pleased with the results of the landscape? Yes. Very pleased. Although it took about 9 months to complete, it is now complete. The nice thing about it is that it's low maintenance. Just watering a few pots in the dry spells. Can't shake a feather at it.

And cost? I would have to say, marble and volcanic rocks, pots, plants, angel statue (way over to the right), border block and the job cost approximately $1200. Of course you cannot put a price on all your time, but it's worth it to know you did it yourself (with a lot of help from family). Your ideas. Your planning. Your job. Your home.

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Michael E. said...

Looks really nice!!!! A hard job well paid off.