Friday, March 07, 2008

Angel Rescue Group

I've got to put a plug in for the rescue group. This is Tammy who is associated with the group and she was called by a vets office to come and see what she could do for Dudley when he was a couple of days old and weighed just 3 ounces. Well, she did a lot as Dudley is now an idol

Note Dudley kissing his first momma? I got such a kick out of that. Tammy says it's because he spent his first month in her bosom. He has not forgotten that either. She fed him with a dropper and miraculously she was able to keep him alive.

Tammy said something terrific and I'm going to quote her here. "I saved his life, and Penny gave him a life." Isn't that beautiful???Here's Tammy again with Mr. Peepers.

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