Sunday, February 17, 2008

I know they wish they were back!

A few weeks ago, my oldest friend in the world since 7th grade came for a short visit before she left on her cruise. We had a grand time. I took her all over the place, starting out with getting our nails done. My toes and hands. Both were gorgeous. Then off to Fort Myers for the grande de la tour, past Edison's winter residence and driving down Macgregor Blvd. with the majestic Royal Palms lining both sides of the road and over and on down to Fort Myers Beach and down and about to Bonita Beach beach where we took a stroll and collected shells. Pant. (that was a long sentence! Ha ha ha) We finished up the day with a visit to Naples Cheesecake Factory. YUMMY!!! The food there is sooooo good! All of it from en trees to dessert!

And just so you know, Sandy and I grew up together, survived our teen years together, and then raised our kids together. We have a lot of history. I love her! She's the stability from my whacked out past.

Then a couple of short weeks later comes Steve, who I've also known since 7th grade and he was the my first boy crush. Ha ha ha ... I always thought, all the way through junior high that he was soooooooo fine! But I'm digressing here. He came down for an overnight stay with his new friend, Kimber. We enjoyed the hot tub, drinks, food, dessert, all prepared by moi. They left this morning with a full breakfast and hot coffee and headed back home.

And I had planned on taking Steve and Kimber through the tour de la grande Fort Myers also, but they arrived too late in the day. Regardless, back up planned pulled out of my butt worked. Ha ha ha ...

Both Sandy and Steve both went back to Michigan. Yes! Go blue! Go Pistons! Go Redwings! Go Tigers! Go Lions!

But in January and February with blustering snow and -0 temperatures in Michigan I say GO FLORIDA!!!

But don't worry. Come July, August, September and October I'm going to be wishing I was north. Away from the oppressive sun and humidity of this subtropical state I now live in.

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