Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dr. Phil's Abuse of Britney

I am stunned at his behavior today as I listened to him discuss his defense in speaking out about Britney Spears to the press. As a registered nurse I know the requirements of HIPPA (Federal Medical Privacy Act) and if I'd pulled a stunt like that I could have (and probably would have) been fined with a possibility of losing my nursing license, or at the very least a lengthy probation. It's a good thing he let his Texas professional license go 15 years ago. He'd have been fighting for it in front of the Texas state board.

Still. Shame on him. License or no license he's a professional and should have known better. My belief is that a lot of Britney's problems are stemmed from her being plastered all over the news shows, tabloids, and Internet. And Mr. Phil (no doctor in my book) abused her further by opening up his big mouth to the press.

Please click on the HIPPA link above to find the governments rules and regulations of a patients privacy. Imagine if all medical personnel did what Mr. Phil did.

Like I said earlier, I am stunned by his behavior. And then his nerve to talk to Matt Lauer on The Today Show trying to back pedal his huge faux pas.

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